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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Official: My Hair Has Gone Straight Again!

So annoying…. When I started this blog, my long straight layers looked like crap all the time. Shortly thereafter, I learned it was because my hair changed texture. To curly. I tried blowing it out for awhile. Then I finally gave up the fight, cut and donated the length, and gave the "curly" thing a go. I even started to like it!

So of course, now it's going away. *sigh* That's why my hair looks awful in my posts this month! I got my hair cut, and today I'm still in last night's blowout:

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I know it sounds dorky, but I love these socks. Not because they're comfy... they're polyester, and my feet sweat. They slip. But I looooove the colors, and I really love how they look with this pair of shoes:

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I should have done a "whole outfit" head-to-toe shot to show how nicely these colors go together, but I goofed:

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Hubby is still unsure if he likes the bangs- but I explained that they are to cover the forehead lines that my annoying clients have put there!

I purchased this necklace while on my first-ever overnight business trip in 2005. I was super-excited, even thought is was Jackson, Mississippi a month after Hurricane Katrina. One of the few "touristy" things open was the art museum, which was nice. I'm a huge fan of museum gift shops- I get some of my best accessories in them!

The only color it seems to look good with is taupe, so I don't get to wear it much. And because the silver tarnishes easily, I have no earrings for it. I'm thinking of repurposing the outer beads to make earrings to go with it. Mostly because I feel off with no earrings in. Your thoughts?

 I made it to Tai Ji yesterday, so my Skinny Clothes Fund is up to $4! Ballet class tonight at the Y... Eek-excited! Anyway, I'm off...

Top: Grace via Bon Ton
Jacket: VanHeusen outlet
Pants: Lane Bryant
Cool socks: no clue, had them forever
Necklace: museum gift shop in Jackson, MS
Shoes: Bass


  1. Hello...this is your exercise pal/pest.....I will be doing a cardio burn video today....grudgingly of course.

    I like the new cut. It does look more professional and polished than the curly hair. The bangs look great; instant age reducer! (although you don't have to worry about age just yet I'm sure).

    Today's outfit is very nice.

    1. Do the video! I'm having shoe issues for ballet and tai ji classes, currently mulling over solutions. It will require shopping and possible duct tape!

    2. I have to confess, I didn't do the video. When I tucked my son in to bed last night at 8:30...I fell asleep in his bed! This never happens! When I woke up at 1 pm I was not too enthused about doing the video so I skipped it. But I'm going to walk today. Are you doing adult ballet? I would love to try that. Maybe you can give me some thoughts on it.

  2. Inst it weird how our hair changes?! My hair used to be stick straight thru elementary....then it became wavy. I agree with above that bangs make us look younger

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  4. I love your hair! I think this style looks great on you. I have learned to let my hair do whatever the heck it wants. There is no point in fighting it.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88