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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Try and Fail

I keep trying to find ways to winterize this top, because I really like the print and colors (old photo):

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The results of my attempts have been laughable, to say the least! But I finally have this sweater in the correct size, and figured I would retry that experiment today:

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Yeah... I'm not thinking this is as good in real life as it was in my obviously deluded mind.... I kept thinking that I might get too hot later in the day, so I should accessorize more toward the brown pants than the black sweater. I was mistaken, so the combination of these earrings to accessorize was not optimal:

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At least I picked the correct hair flower, unlike on Saturday:

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It's final... there is no conceivable way to winterize this top. If I am misapprehending the situation: please advise. I really need to switch out my closet for the change of seasons. And deal with the giant pile of clean laundry on my living room floor....

Top: INC from Macy's
Sweater: IMAN from HSN gift from Freeda
Earrings: via art fair in Kalamazoo, MI
Hair Flower: via Maurice's
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes (not shown): my new brown Aerosoles


  1. Don't you have any drape cardigans? They're so popular right now it's easy to get them inexpensively.

  2. I don't have any… I tried one on in a store, but Hubby hated it.

  3. How does the outfit look if you don't button the sweater? I don't know if it will help, but its worth a try. I think a longer cardigan may also look nice. I can see why you like the top; the colors are really pretty.

  4. I'd pair it with a black jacket and pants in the lighter taupe/gray color that is in the top. If you want to wear it on the weekends, pair it with denim jeans and a black jacket or black pants and a denim jacket. That's my take on the top. It is very pretty!

    1. My kingdom for a good, textured back jacket! I can't find the one short black jacket I do have... I hope it didn't get left behind somewhere....

  5. I think that top would look good with a long, drapey cardigan in a neutral gray or olive green close to the color in the top.

    I've discovered that my outfits either look better in real life than in pictures, or conversely much better in pictures than in real life :P