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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I had to pretend to be a lawyer today:

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Not terribly exciting, but at least I got to wear my "new" sweater. And apparently decided to "wear my shoulders as earrings", as my yoga instructor says! Something else in this pic is bugging me.... Note to self: wear a different bra next time!

Why do I look like a drowned rat in this picture? I was at work... minding my own business... then Hubby's ex called him because she was in a bind. Bugalug was found to have L-I-C-E, and someone needed to pick her up from her preschool. Daddy couldn't be reached, Mommy was stuck at work. Hubby can't drive (visual condition... not DWI!).

So I blew off the last 2.5 hours of boring paperwork and picked her up myself. Not taking her to my house, obviously. And I couldn't drive her anywhere because I don't have a car seat... so we walked over to the pub, got a snack and a sweetie, then went trick-or-treating (sans costume) in the rain with my friends and their little girls. Bugalug really liked them, and we had a nice time together.

I have no good way to segue back into the fashiony stuff here:

I had an unusually difficult time with tonal matches and this sweater. The first time I got a really good look in daylight was after I got to work. Which was after I chose navy pants rather than black because I mistook the  black argyle diamonds for navy. And I didn't realize until a bit late that the lighter cream/beige of my top contrasts more than I care for with the beige of the sweater. *sigh* I will style this better next time....

The gorgeous blue crystal earrings that I thought might go when I saw the sweater in the cleaners...? Nope! At least I figured that out this morning, and grabbed these at the last second:

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With my ancient bracelet to coordinate. I've had it since high school, if not middle school. If you look really closely, you can see where one of the mother-of-pearl pieces fell out, and I filled in the gap with pearlescent nail polish:

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I wasn't enthusiastic about my jewelry choices today, but nothing in my jewelty box seemed quite right. Then I had to make a Halloween supply run to Kmart over lunch. Looky what I found:

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I don't have any earring like these, the blue is a perfect match, AND the thingys can be removed, rearranged, and/or replaced at will. Sold! Now I just need to get a clearer photo next time...

Top: VanHeusen outlet
Sweater: via the "left behind" rack at the dry cleaner's
Pants: Lane Bryant
Old earrings: via Fashion Bug
New earrings: Jacklyn Smith from Kmart
Bracelet: gift from Santa about a hundred years ago
Shoes: Ariat (not shown) same as yesterday


  1. I love that you do the same thing that I do; use the pictures as a chance to review how the outfit came together.

    I think that sweater has great potential, but you might want to see if you can find a top in the blue to wear underneath it. Matching creams is harder than matching navys!

  2. Oh....sorry about the situation with your step daughter!

    I think the sweater looks really good. I love a good argyle!

  3. For some reason you look particularly huggable in this soft-looking sweater :)

    I'm glad you helped Bugalug find some fun today. Hehe, but not at your house.

  4. For those detail pics I find it's often more effective (ie less blurry) to take the pic from farther away, then crop. Or do a Jodi/Sheila type thing and take pics of the accessories not on your body.

    I would wear that sweater with black pants and a black long sleeve under. KISS!

    I have a gray sweater of the same style (not argyle, more of a houndstooth variant) that I love, it's just like wearing jammies. Great to drive in. I find the sleeves shrink the longer I have it though.

    What's going on with your bangs? For some reason they've been bugging me lately. Are you doing a center part or something?

    Update on the stepkid - staying with the stepdad. Her mom is an emt so she's working nonstop, as is stepkid's boyfriend the cop. They're out of power for about ten days and a little concerned about looting, but they are well armed. Will update you if anything changes.

  5. great cardi. it's really hard to find beautiful cardigans. your is a total good buy.

  6. Hello Doll! Got you down on the blogroll- I hope you already know the smart and savvy Lynne from Practical Paralegalism ( - I know you dolls who love the law and fashion are rare birds! xo! - Bella Q

  7. Sorry about the kiddo! However I think you do look fabulous in that sweater.

  8. you're right the earrings are perfect! i quite like your sweater. i don't know what you mean about a different bra. paperwork shmaperwork. lice bites. :P