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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stinkmaster Flash

I got nuthin' today, so I present my blog guest, my stepson Stinky:

Who looooves the prezzie I picked up for him at Hot Topic this weekend!

I got really lucky in the stepkid department. We get along famously! He's sensitive, can be very considerate, and is a super-genius-- so much like his dad. Looks just like Hubby, too… I live in a house filled with handsome guys! Stinky is my Dr. Who-watching, kayaking, swimming, and roller-skating buddy. Hubby? Not into those so much... so it's nice to have those as Stinky-and-me activities.

Well, I gotta go pack for my road trip to the Mitten tomorrow! I have most of tomorrow's post written, just need the outfit pic.

And I need to deal with Mount Laundry… you can spot the foothills at Stinky's legs…


  1. This is so cute. Love that shirt. I always avoid Mount Laundry whenever possible!

  2. Very handsome fellow! He'd get along famously with my youngest, who adores The Doctor.

  3. i've never seen Dr. Who! I feel like I'd be into it.

  4. Cute kid. And Dr. Who is a great show.