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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book Club Night!

This one was long, but fun:

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I've always been fascinated with time travel, and even though I'm not a big Stephen King fan, I absolutely recommend "11/22/63"! This "no-spoilers review" on Amazon is dead on, IMHO!

And yes, I "cheated" by getting it on audio... but it's a "book" club, not a "reading" club, so I think I'm OK. It's my night to present the choices for the next selection, and I'm really excited to introduce some book I really love to the ladies in the club.

The meeting had a 1960's theme... there was "period" food and desserts, and a few of the ladies took cues from the time in their clothing choices. One look I love is the 3/4 sleeve jacket with long gloves. The gloves don't fit into my 2012 life, but a modern adaptation that works for me is long sleeves under 3/4 sleeves:

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I really like the pattern on the jacket:

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I got several compliments today... Hubby said I looked pretty when I got home, my friend noticed that my earrings matched:

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And opposing counsel complimented me on wearing pink shoes with the black-and-white outfit:

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Sweater: via Pip's in Corning, NY
Jacket: Charter Club via consignment shop. My Google search of the brand makes it look like it's a Macy's store brand. Does anybody know for sure?
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: via consignment shop
Shoes: Aerosoles


  1. You look amazing!

    I have to ask what they considered 60s period food, though...beef wellingtons?

  2. There you are ... almost as late as I on Visible Monday! But cute ... yes, you do look pretty, and opposing counsel was at least right about your shoes!
    I loved 11/22/63 ... my husband and I both read it. Sure marked our generation. We both remember where we were when we heard the news. King just sucks me in and has me by the throad until the book is over. If you have not read (or heard) "The Dome" make sure you get it. Better still.
    Hope your hubby is doing better ... next year will surely be better.