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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Take Two Thursday:

From the "Hairdo Hall of Fame"... the poor woman's "Florence Henderson":

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Don't even bother to make fun of it (talking to you, Freeda!) I know it's bad, but mid-styling I realized if I didn't leave the house pronto... I was going to be late to one of my less favorite courts!

Somehow, I got the bright idea Thursday morning that I would try a redo of a failed outfit. The culprit:

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It doesn't do the weird puffy thing at the hips without the belt, so that was a plus. I tried to keep the neckline straighter that the "look at my chest" pulling in the earlier pic. Safety pins to the rescue? But it pulls at the pins a bit... I wonder if a different placement would help?

I almost wore the belt again today, but spotted problems in time to stop myself. So I quickly replaced the gold earrings I was about to put on with silver:

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The shirt is too snug to wear as anything other than a layering piece. I keep trying combinations for it because I really like the soft fabric and the cool pattern:

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As for my exercise goals... failed again. This foot had better feel "normal" soon... I had to skip Zumba... I'm getting ticked!

Top: Ann Taylor via consignment shop
Sweater: Iman from HSN gift from Freeda
Earrings: World Market gift from Freeda
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes (not shown): Ariats, because I forgot they make my pants look too short... *sigh*


  1. I love seeing bloggers redo "failed" outfits, because we are human. I've got some outfit posts that I so wish weren't out there, but they've taught me a lot - and continue to teach me a lot - about was does and dose not work. I do think leaving off the belt helped, and you don't look like Florence Henderson :)

  2. If you love the shirt, you might try sewing those buttons closed with a nice small stitch close together. The idea would be to make it so that it COULDN'T pull because it is held down evenly all along the button line. Then just slide it on over your head. It is a really nice piece, but if you feel uncomfortable because it pulls then you should fix that permanently. It doesn't look like it is supposed to button all down the front, so sewing a couple of lower buttons closed shouldn't make a big difference.

  3. I adore Westwood so much, she is such fun!
    I love your earrings by the way, so ethnic and cool!
    Daisy Dayz

  4. You look adorable, my dear :*

    Many many kisses,


  5. Your commentary in this post made me chuckle! I do like the pattern! And the sweater looks a lot better without the belt. As far as I'm concerned, you're trying new looks and that's most than what some of us can say! Good for you! :)