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Friday, January 25, 2013

Twice as Nice?

Tuesday was a low-effort day, to put it nicely. I felt like crud, and wound up napping after my morning shower. Fantastic effect on my hair for the day:

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I only went in for the afternoon, because there were some things I had to take care of. Never bothered to put makeup on... I was just too tired to care.

On Wednesday I figured I wore the outfit so little the previous day... that I might as well save on the laundry and recycle it:

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I worked the whole day, but it was just office stuff and I just didn't have the energy to bother with makeup again. The outfit was the exact same both days. I wore navy pants and trouser sox with these purple flats:

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And I wore these both days:

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But the barrette only came out on Wednesday:

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Yeah... I pretty much phoned in my fashion those two days.

Sweater: via Kohl's
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Aerosoles
Earrings: Lia Sophia
Barrette: gift from Mom


  1. Those purple flats are amazing. So cute!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my hair, you could totally get away with doing it now as its all on trend! You can even buy a home ombre kit to do it! I love that hair slide, is it vintage?
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  3. I'm sorry you are not feeling up to par. Hope you feel better soon. I really like the color and the collar of that top.