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Thursday, January 17, 2013


I swear, I spent the bulk of the day in the car! I'm sure I clocked over 100 miles today in zigzag driving, between running to different courts and running to Hubby's specialist to pick up a new prescription.

I had night court and thought I would have to skip Zumba. But I gott out of it in time to get to the Y for class after all. I changed in the locker room, and just as class was about to start, Hubby texted asking me to come home because he is in agony and is nervous to try his new pain medication without me home. Just in case....

At least I got a mirror shot before I changed:

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I just love Mother-of-Pearl/Paua:

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I really love the rich tones in this set, particularly the greens, pinks, and purples:

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The barrette doesn't match the jewelry, but it's in the back, so it's close enough for government work:
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I wore my especially short pants today, so I definitely looked toward the flatter end of the shoe spectrum. My purple flats are the wrong tone for the shirt, and the pink ones are too bright. So I went with my more subtle pink kitten heels:

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I decided to have a little fun and went with crazy socks. The rest of my outfit is so plain.... They are supposed to be knee-highs, and they are even from a plus-size store. But they always settle at crew-sock length when actually on my legs. Annoying... but I love the flowers!

Shirt: VanHeusen outlet
Pants: Lane Bryant
Jewelry: Lia Sophia
Barrette: gift from Mom
Shoes: American Eagle via Freeda's purge pile
Socks: Ashley Stewart


  1. oh my gosh i love those jewelries! the stones are so pretty!


  2. Love,loooove!Have a great weekend,babe!

  3. You have to come Portugal, see our beautiful things, I will try put other places of Portugal, it's a small country but beautifull...
    And you are very well, if I a need a lawyer I will call you,Ok????(And you have to come Portugal!!!!!!)

  4. Nice outfit!!! and lovely jewelry!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

  5. It kinda looks like abalone shell. Which I have been obsessed with since I was little. How cane something so colorful come from underwater?

  6. So many beautiful details!!!

    Happy Weekend,


  7. Absolutely love your jewelry. The socks are also cute too! I love interesting socks.

  8. Crazy socks make every outfit better. That barrette is really lovely.

    I hope hubby is feeling better and that the new medication is helping.

  9. i think the jewelry and the barrette! your shoes are marvelous. i like those black floral socks too. i loathe the time i waste in traffic. i hope things get straightened out with your husband. poor guy. :(

  10. Gret job with the print socks, it does make the outfit a whole lot better ;)


  11. Great Post!

    Lovely outfit and I love love love your necklace and earrings :)
    With all those miles you are really a girl on the GO :P



  12. The patterned socks are a great way to add oomph to an outfit!!

  13. The patterned socks are a great way to add oomph to an outfit!!

  14. Your jewels are gorgeous! I love mother of pearl also :) xx Sylvie