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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stinky Downloaded Malware Again

Which is why my posts are behind again *sigh*. My next computer is going to be a Mac....

Anyway, I was finishing up the FABruary Style Challenge... but Wednesday's theme of "Sheer" in New York, in court, in the middle of bitter winter ain't happening. I guess you can tell that an Aussie came up with this challenge! I decided to use Sunday's theme, since I didn't do it then: "Stripes + Pattern".

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Not seeing it yet?

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How about now?

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I actually used my Rosetta Stone print scarf over the belt I normally wear with this top. It was a look definitely designed to be worn with something over it... the back looks pretty silly!

For a bit of extra pattern, I threw these on:

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I don't normally like to wear tall-soled shoes with shorter pants, but the weather was so nasty that the thick soles kept my hemline and feet dry!

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Wow, this is an old pic... from before I learned to edit and add decorative borders!

Top: via JC Penney
Sweater: Limited via consignment shop
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Ariat via Sole Solutions in Spokane, WA
Earrings: via consignment shop
Scarf: from British Museum gift shop


  1. I love the top, very pretty.
    I highly recommend a Mac....I did the switch and its definitely worth the slight learning curve when you first get it. So much less frustration.

  2. Great how you accentuated your waist with the belt :)

    Overall GREAT OUTFIT !!


  3. Love this post and I'm a huge fan of the black and white stripes this season, you look great and very classy. I know what you mean about frustrating malware. I actually just had an issue on my Mac where I couldn't access my blog, but luckily the Genius Bar fixed it right away. I think you should definitely go for a Mac though,