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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lawyerdoll and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

As you can see by the posting dates, I've taken quite the hiatus from the blogosphere. Not that I didn't miss y'all... I just needed to turn inward for awhile. Which apparently isn't so great for my "external presentation", although my bestie tells me I'm usually well-turned-out when we get together.

I've been doing photos for a week now, because I've wanted to get my blog up and running again. There have been a ton of changes in my life (and wardrobe) over that time, so I've been a bit preoccupied. Which I will get into in a later post. Because yesterday was truly a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I rolled out of bed just in time to cover my nakedness and go to my doctor's appointment.

 photo PSX_20140610_011738_zpsojyzheog.jpg

Not glamorous, but the plan was to come home, shower, etc., and try to look more presentable. Yeah... I stayed that way all day. Why?

I came home to see that my two adult kayaks were stolen right from my side yard, where they were leaned against the house. At least the !$#^&!%#!*#!% left the two kid ones.

I'm not going to lie- I bawled like a baby in front of the officer that came to take the report. I've had "Baby" (the blue one) for ten years, and was looking forward to many more years of our mutual love blossoming.

Baby: Gone to Soon 2004-2014

 photo IMG_1373998864362_zpsgkcaxrq1.jpeg

What is really upsetting is that I hadn't taken her out yet this year, and was looking forward to kayaking with my boys this weekend! Argh!

Oh yeah, also had my t!t in a wringer. Yep, I was overdue for my mammogram. At least the gowns were nicer than I usually get in hospitals:

 photo PSX_20140610_014654_zps0zs5wj3q.jpg

There are a few sliver linings. Whoops! I meant to type "silver", but perhaps "sliver" is more apropro? Or not? I'm still moping....

My parents have said they will lend me my dad's kayak for the season, as my mom is not well and he's pretty busy with her for the foreseeable future. I am going back to be there for mom's hip replacement, so I will just bring my roof racks and straps along.

The other development is a real surprise: My Mother-in-Law has decided that she wants to buy me a new kayak, and is sending over a nice chunk of money for me to shop with. It's incredibly generous. So while I can't "replace" my Baby (they don't make her anymore), I'm going to use Dad's kayak (aka "The Banana Boat") during this season while I do some SERIOUS kayak shopping.

We will also have to replace "Bud", the red one my husband and/or friends use. I'm more annoyed than devastated by this loss. He was a cheapie we won in a drawing, and named after the "Budweiser" logo on him. Hubby wants a sit atop one, and my plan had been to buy one this season, and keep Bud around as a spare for extra people. We will still buy the sit atop, but we won't have a spare after all, I suspect.

Who knows? Maybe Baby and/or Bud will turn up....

Tee: Walmart
Yoga pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Crocs


  1. Welcome back, buddy. Sorry to hear about the awful theft. And your rough times. Hang in there.

  2. Welcome Back! And, glad to hear everyone is recovering. It sounds like your kayak situation may work out better than you expected. It's so irritating and infuriating to have a stolen item!

  3. I hope everything is back to normal now and a bit less stressful. Can you put up pictures of the new Kayaks when you get them? Enjoy the rest of the week.