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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Two-Outfit Day!

I'm actually in the Mitten, hanging out in the hospital with Mom post-surgery. But I can try to catch up on blogging while I'm here.this should catch me up from two weeks ago, then I can work on last week's lol.

That Friday, I rolled out of bed, headed to a doctor's appointment... intending to go to the gym after:

 photo PSX_20140607_014849_zpsaon0u40z.jpg

Not my best look, with pre-shower gunge on my face:

 photo PSX_20140607_015325_zpsdqlyop4u.jpg

Of course, I wound up running errands and skipping the gym... I do really love these shoes, though. No socks necessary, easy to slip on, comfy step... What's not to love?

 photo PSX_20140607_020159_zpscikocfqt.jpg

After cleaning up a bit, it was karaoke night evening glam time:

 photo PSX_20140607_020742_zpseoccw8n4.jpg

Note to self-- do NOT wear a pushup bra with this top again, it was weird across the chest all night.

I'm disappointed that the greys don't match well in the photo... they looked much better together IRL. 

And I love the drape of these pants:

 photo PSX_20140607_021313_zpsccff9adw.jpg

And my awesome belt I hadn't worn yet:

 photo PSX_20140607_020934_zpstqet3ar9.jpg

With a cheat, because it is too big for my underbust:

 photo PSX_20140607_020834_zpswpccdixn.jpg

Yes, that's a safety pin and a glue dot!

 photo PSX_20140607_021104_zpsw5qfmsud.jpg

Isn't my new jewelry pretty? I'm getting tired of French hook earrings, so I'm trying to get more posts... to have something actually on the earlobe.

And I'm trying to wear more bracelets. I actually bought a tree-branch-shaped stand at Target, and using it for bracelets now. I found some in my jewelry box I had forgotten I had because they've been buried! This one is new, though:

 photo PSX_20140607_021225_zps7kcunvlk.jpg

Yes, I went to my glam evening in Crocs! Mwahuhuh!

 photo PSX_20140607_015540_zpsayvj5htg.jpg

And to wrap this post up, a little more fun with effects:

 photo PSX_20140607_021900_zpscw75ygjl.jpg

With the pic cropped rough above where the chest goes weird, of course!

Gym top and capris: Danskin from Walmart
Jacket: Danskin via Freeda's purge pile
Gym shoes: Naturalizer 360
Sunglasses: Serengeti via Sam's Club
Grey top: via Freeda's purge pile
Pants: Lane Bryant
Belt: Lane Bryant
Jewelry: Premier
Grey shoes: Crocs outlet

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