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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Out With Hubby

I'm so annoyed because I'd written a post, and lost it on the Blogger app. Ugh! 

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I got Hubby to actually go out with me TWICE. Given all he's been through, that's kind of a big deal.

One day I ran a bunch of errands, then we went to see the new "X-Men" movie:

  photo PSX_20140605_095353_zps5xqsqf21.jpg

I've got my "no-makeup makeup" aka CC cream and that's it. And my lovely new earrings:

 photo PSX_20140610_012712_zpsloba6bhv.jpg

 photo PSX_20140607_015444_zpsmi7v8wrc.jpg

My HTML isn't cooperating, green sandals above. 

They also came in black, which looked ordinary, and brown/tan... which looked kind of cheap. But the green ones sang to me!

I was particularly impressed when he accompanied my bestie and I to karaoke night:

 photo PSX_20140607_013820_zpsdpbjrxld.jpg

I had some fun with the Photoshop app effects:

  photo PSX_20140607_014310_zpslodjt9s5.jpg

I think it shows how much my bottom pokes out....

But I finally got to break out my awesome new bracelet:

   photo PSX_20140610_012431_zpsx99y2t2w.jpg

I've had the earrings forever though, but they worked well enough with the outfit:

 photo IMG_20101016_181031_edit0.jpg

And here's another new pair of sandals:

 photo PSX_20140610_020442_zpswdjv9tfy.jpg

Hopefully this is a sigh of us (slowly) reconstructing our lives after all the drama!

Green Lantern tee: via Freeda's purge pile
Jeans: Kmart Jacklyn Smith Angel Cut
Gold earrings: World Market
Bracelet: World Market
Stone earrings: art show a million years ago
White tee: Norma Kamali via Freeda's purge pile
Skirt: consignment shop
both pair sandals: Merrell outlet

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