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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Long Time... No See!

What can I say? The last year or so has been pretty rough. 

Hubby has been recovering slowly, and essentially spent a year and a half in bed. He's started practicing law again, and is working a little out of the house. And starting to go out a little now and then.

My mom is also having some serious medical issues, which are slow to heal. 

I've mostly been trying to put one foot in front of the other, and hadn't been keeping up with a lot of my activities, including blogging or paying much attention to my appearance, health, etc. I was a zombie, I suppose....

Me and the job parted ways a few months ago, so I'm regrouping while pondering my next step. And I suppose I mostly hibernated over this awful winter. I've focused more on family and a couple close local friends.

I've been going to karaoke nights with my bestie, including last Monday. I told her I was going to stay blogging again, to force me to pay more attention to my appearance. So she took some photos at Denny's pre-karaoke:

 photo PSX_20140603_040939_zpsuwagdfgr.jpg

I really wanted my sandals to show. But cuffing the jeans like this this looks stupid. *sigh*

 photo PSX_20140603_043335_zpsmle9e57g.jpg

Because, seriously? How fabulous are these sandals?

 photo PSX_20140610_020532_zpsgftnf0go.jpg

I love how the ruffle trails down the back:

 photo PSX_20140603_042237_zpsdp3wo0te.jpg

I had a little fun with effects in the Photoshop app:

 photo PSX_20140603_043114_zps5rzea2p7.jpg

I do think this effect shows how nicely the ruffle drapes. 

A twisted-up wash load ruined the color on my jeans, which is rather upsetting. But I'm not buying another pair until I go down a size!

 photo PSX_20140603_043619_zpshhk1x57j.jpg

But isn't this necklace incredible?

 photo PSX_20140610_014619_zpskaittqdz.jpg

So it's nice to be back, even if nobody is reading yet. It's ok, I have a few posts before I catch up!

Top: via Freeda's purge pile
Jeans: Kmart Jacklyn Smith Angel Cut
Sandals: Naturalizer 
Necklace: fifty cents at a flea market!


  1. Hello, I'm still here - and it's good to see you!

  2. It's good to see you back again! I'm sorry you've had a rough year though. Love the sandals!