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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chanteuse in Chartreuse?

Thursday I awoke feeling pretty cruddy. But Hubby was in worse shape than I, so I was forced to leave my house to fill in for him in court. Brr...brr...brr! It was a double-sweater kind of day:

 photo PSX_20141212_085313_zpsqfdmassi.jpg

Perhaps I should try to clean the mirror? Or is that just "crazy talk"? Of course, the restroom at the city hall had a perfect mirror for this... but I forgot my bloody phone!

After court, I went home, took a quick blog pic, and went straight to bed. Ugh. At least I woke Friday feeling human, and with a relatively fresh outfit for the Women's Bar Christmas get-together. It was only a one-sweater day:

 photo PSX_20141212_173816_zpschjk78uq.jpg

I took Squeaky along, and we had a nice time. I saw people I haven't seen in over a year, and met some helpful new acquaintances. Killer earrings always are always a confidence-booster:

 photo PSX_20141212_112203_zpseh4afjoa.jpg

Several of the ladies commented that I've lost weight. I have... but I'm thinking that the extra height from my shoes helped with that image:

 photo PSX_20141210_202823_zps05oemhjm.jpg

The original plan for the evening was to go out with friends, likely hitting a karaoke night. But I fell asleep ridiculously  early. I'm so disappointed, because I was really hoping that they would have the newer song I've been obsessing over for the last week or so:

Guess I will try for this week....

Sweater: Judy via Freeda's purge pile
Over-sweater: Limited via consignment shop
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Fashion Bug
Shoes: France Sarto via Freeda's purge pile

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  1. I love the color combination and chartreuse is one of my favorite colors too. You look so chic and those earrings are just fab.
    Have a great weekend.