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Monday, December 8, 2014

Sharing a Christmastime Tradition

I felt like a big dork, because I was excited for days about joining Squeaky and her two-year-old daughter Peanut with my stepson's five-year-old half-sister, Bugalug, to see a Saturday afternoon performance of "The Nutcracker" ballet. I got all "Mom version" of dolled-up... then my hair got rained on:

 photo PSX_20141206_231557_zpsyvroxpy3.jpg

Ah well... it dried out of the "Conehead" look eventually. I was particularly looking excited to wear these shoes:

 photo PSX_20141207_215636_zpskbowojam.jpg

I bought them to go with a suit with a slight sheen about ten years ago... then got too fat for the suit! They then served as my "something old" at my wedding. I just adore the pearly sheen. Of course, I chose (artificial) pearl accessories. I could not get a decent pic of the plain stud earrings, but the bracelet is fabulous:

 photo PSX_20141206_170132_zpss9ha5kxa.jpg

I didn't notice until later how the metal part echoes the lace on my sweater, making it an even better match:

 photo PSX_20141208_005054_zpshcjckmky.jpg

Somehow, I actually feel better if I feel "pulled together". Obviously, I chose the pants and sweater combination because the purple works with the stripes... but not the pink in the jacket that works with the exact same stripes. Weird... but, whatever.

Obviously, the production Squeaky and I attended with two very excited little girls was not the Baryshnikov one... but you all get a little treat:

Bugalug was just as excited as I, and when I got to her mother's house to pick her up... she was wearing a velveteen dress a darker shade of the exact purple I wore. Fun coincidence! She was also properly accessorized for the occasion:

 photo PSX_20141207_011127_zps5fkzv4fo.jpg

Including a bracelet her Grandma made for her... very fancy!

 photo PSX_20141206_170236_zpsqivi4vzr.jpg

Once the performance started, we had two entranced little girls:

 photo PSX_20141206_231237_zpsjsmvq6n6.jpg

Peanut was so adorable during the show... she kept saying "wow", and would wave at the dancers. She was pretty well-behaved for her age (unusually), and Bugalug is typically a very good girl... at least with me:

 photo PSX_20141206_234648_zpsojubk6a2.jpg

Apparently, my feet got fatter when I did, because these shoes turned into toe-cruchers. Before starting the second part of my evening, I broke down and changed them:

 photo PSX_20141207_003036_zpsvmc63uqk.jpg

Will it pass?

 photo PSX_20141207_012219_zps76sv6roz.jpg

At least it was just to hang out with some friends, and go out for karaoke night. This one had a very good DJ... he even switched the lighting to blue when I sang my favorite space song:

I heard this song on the radio a few times when I was a kid... and was absolutely entranced. And every time I sing it... someone always asks me what it is!

The DJ had the lighting on red when my Bestie rocked "Heartbreaker". I loved playing with lighting when I was a club DJ... but most karaoke hosts either don't have the equipment, or don't bother. I was impressed. Just as the blue added to the mood of "Major Tom"... red was perfect for this:

 photo PSX_20141207_012319_zpsvnz9izzy.jpg

Sweater: Apt 9 from Kohl's
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes; Ros Hommerson via VanHoecks in Grand Rapids, MI
Bracelet: Wal-Mart
Earrings: Sally Beauty Supply

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  1. love the new haircut! the layers look great. just got caught up on your posts!