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Monday, December 8, 2014

Trying a Slimmer Pant Leg... Meh

Last Tuesday was errand day. I had to get some recall work done on my car, then stop into the Bon Ton to re-buy a top I just bought the day before... using a coupon given to me that would make it half off! Yep, I do stuff like that... I can make Abe Lincoln's face scream, I pinch so hard!

And least the pillars have mirrors for blog shots. Clever idea!

 photo PSX_20141205_001219_zpstmgnzmwy.jpg

Does the elastic on the waist emphasize my pooch? I'm still playing around with styling this one... any ideas? I just felt dowdy, which is tragic given the pretty blue of the top.

And that bra is pretty shot... I guess I can only wear it with certain tops. Not including this one!

I'm trying out this pair of pull-on pants that have been sitting in the back of my closet for ages. They are a more tapered leg style than I normally wear, but I thought I would try to treat them like leggings. Since I would not wear actual leggings given my legs' odd shape.

I was in a rush, so I grabbed some inoffensive earrings:

 photo PSX_20141201_002940_zpsybnfnopq.jpg

And comfy shoes for walking around:

 photo PSX_20141207_003036_zpsvmc63uqk.jpg

I tried the pants out again on Friday, when visiting a friend in the hospital. She had her thyroid, nodules, and goiter removed... we are all just hoping that the biopsy gives her the all-clear! I stopped off at Wally World to get flowers and a card, as the gift shop was closed. But the flowers were all ugly, and the card I bought disappeared before I got to the hospital. Weird!

I was dolled up because I expected to go to karaoke with friends afterward... but I was too exhausted, so I went straight home and to bed once I left the hospital.

 photo PSX_20141208_024411_zpsmbbcf7ku.jpg

I call this my "princess top", probably because I feel a little like I'm at a Renaissance Faire while wearing it. It's not "polished" or "professional", though. I'm torn whether it should still have a place in my closet... I love it, but I'm not sure where it's really appropriate for me to wear... or what I should pair it with.

Any ideas?

And I'm really not liking the tapered leg look on me. It's been so long since I'd worn it... I think I forgot that it makes me look like an ice cream cone!

I still need to figure out how to wear this with something I could wear to court:

 photo PSX_20141208_024526_zpshcm0as7w.jpg

The earrings are nothing special... but the shape echoes the pendant, and the color is a dead-on match:

 photo PSX_20141208_024558_zpsietxxw1t.jpg

Have I mentioned how much I love my purple flats? Ally from Shybiker actually met up with me in Queens when I happened to be in the City... and we had a nice chat while getting in a shopping-and-lunch girly day.

 photo PSX_20141206_231732_zpsgzfmzrjg.jpg

Note to self: stop buying cheap black knee-highs. They are just ugly!

Sunday, I took Bugalug for a playdate with Peanut... they had a ball!

 photo PSX_20141208_033011_zpsbuyt6vya.jpg

I, of course, wore the finest in "playdate chauffeur" fashion:

 photo PSX_20141208_032859_zpsoodsb9vw.jpg

Yep. I really hate tapered legs... even for gym-type pants. But these are still better than those black ones!

Blue top: Cocomo Woman via Freeda's purge pile
Hoops: Premier Designs
Pants: via M-I-L's purge pile
Grey shoes: Crocs
Purple top: via Stein Mart... I cut the label out ages ago.
Purple shoes: Aerosoles
Necklace: gift from Mom
Purple earrings: I don't even remember
Pink top: Exertek via The Bon Ton
Pants: Just My Size via Wal-Mart
Pearl studs: via Sally Beauty Supply

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