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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Back Into the Fray

After my year hiatus, I've recently started accepting court-appointed cases... since I'm out of money and all. The nice part about doing this is that I don't have office hours. Because I can't afford office space! So I was up at odd hours again Monday night, researching some issues for a case I was appearing on first thing in Tuesday morning:

 photo PSX_20141210_203302_zpsnzyixu9t.jpg

Bad hair day! I dozed on wet hair following a 4 a.m. shower, then did the best I could before I had to leave for the 9:15 docket. It seemed to get even worse as the day went on:

 photo PSX_20141210_203204_zpsuokdtpz0.jpg

Perhaps I need comfort food... to overcome the humiliation of appearing anywhere with that hair? I stopped into the drugstore after court to pick up a couple of things for Hubby... and was confronted with something I just had to try. Almost a dare, really:

 photo PSX_20141210_203346_zpsvqoqex5u.jpg

The idea sounded weird... but... Yum!

I'm so thoroughly tired of these earrings... they look "amateur". Without the sentimental attachment of someone close to me having made them. Perhaps I should remake them into studs? Or just get rid of them?

 photo PSX_20141210_203422_zpsrksvshj2.jpg

I saw a nice pair of black studs at Lane Bryant... maybe I will see if I can catch them on a good sale.

I'm so glad I finally have pants long enough to wear these shoes! They have been wardrobe lurkers for ages... and are the highest heels I am keeping. I thought they might have to go as well, but my new ponte knit pants are apparently even longer than my other new ones. I'm thrilled!

 photo PSX_20141210_202823_zps05oemhjm.jpg

I'm calling them my "witchy" shoes... *cackles*.

Houndstooth jacket: Lane Bryant
Turtleneck sweater: via Pip's Boutique, Corning, NY
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Franco Sarto via Freeda's purge pile
Black-and-white earrings: via consignment shop


  1. Good luck on your cases -- soon you will be so busy you won't know what to do!

  2. Great post, my dear <3

    Have a great day,


  3. That houndstooth jacket is so, so adorable...

  4. i'm confused about your career. you had a year hiatus from being a lawyer? or just these kinds of cases?

  5. From working at all. I was temporarily a housewife :)