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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Once you go Black...

Who wants to go back? These pants are the (White) devil!

Yep, Day 2 of Freeda's challenge to me. I've worn tons of black since high school. Obviously, there's a reason for that: black is saddlebag-camoflage. Light pants only truly look good on the emaciated, who obviously can't stalk a pint of hippie ice cream to save their withered hides!

These shoes and pants have not found their way onto my Phish Food enhanced self in a good month or so. The only prey these pants bait is dirt, and the shoes are an assault on my poor feet.

I should get my podiatrist to look at them, since I've become "the Little Mermaid". The original Hans Christen Andersen story had the mermaid's feet in pain with every step she took. Many days, that's me! Rrrrr....

I actually planned my outfit the night before I wore it, like planning a battle against black. I was drafted into doing that as a kid, so naturally went AWOL as an adult. But with the "no black for a week" challenge, I have to plot more strategically. Using the finest tracking and weather prediction equipment available to me for conditions: Weatherbug and Google Calendar.

At least this means I got a shot of the goods last night. The Swarovski crystal stud is the earring initially planned, but it's no good without it's mate. Which has avoided tracking for a couple weeks. Any ideas for alternate uses?

Jacket: Kasper via consignment shop
Top: Grace Dane Lewis via Goodwill
Scarf: Limited (clearance at the Michigan Ave, Chicago store)
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes and Socks: Bass
Earrings: made by Baby Sis

Postscript: after publication, I went home to Hubby, who stayed home today. When I walked in, he exclaimed how nice I look today, and really made a fuss over the scarf. Maybe just the photo was bad?


  1. You know what? I really like the concept of this outfit!!!

    The shoes - uncomfy, so they should go in the bin. The pants may be bin-worthy as well - are they corduroy? I love corduroy, generally, but the tendency towards wrinkles isn't great.

    But the conception of the outfit is solid, and I love everything that's going on from the waist up!

    I really thought you'd just replace black with brown all week so I'm impressed you went so far in the other direction!

  2. I like the idea of the outfit, too. It's creative and seems like a stretch from your normal routine.

    It's very positive that you're coming up with new ideas: they will lead to outfits you'll love and concepts you'll adopt. Plus, when people in your life take notice of your improved appearance, that's pleasing reinforcement.