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Friday, September 10, 2010

You could be struck blind.... Don't say I didn't warn you!

Why, for the love of all that is holy, do they put butt flaps on big-girl pants? Especially when they appear to be placed continents apart! Worse yet: they're attached so firmly that the big-bootied consumer cannot remove them without ruining her trousers.

This is just cruel. And what's up with the back buckle detail? At least this is my only pair like this!

The pic also serves to better illustrate my waist-hip fit conundrum. While I have a bit of belly for the first time ever, my waist itself is teeny compared to my hips.

When I asked Hubby to take a pic from behind today, his response was: "This is a PUBLIC blog?" Love you too!

Not bothering with a full shot today... you've seen the pants and shoes (and jacket) before. I love this top, but it's sleeveless and will probably be packed away soon.

I've had these earrings my girl Snookums (NOT the troll from MTV!) made for me ages ago, but they're an odd color so I hadn't worn them yet. Now I feel kinda dumb, because the peachy tones in the stones go perfectly with the peachy flowers in this top. I could have been wearing these the last two summers!

Jacket: Talbot's Petite
Top: Croft and Barrow via Goodwill
Pants: Lane Bryant. Why bother saying this any more? They are all from LB
Earrings: made by a friend

A wardrobe change:

I'm joining a new group: "New in Town", aimed at transplants like me. It got pretty chilly toward the end of the day, so I actually bothered to change before going out:

I'm hoping since these jeans are fresh and clean, the backside won't be a total disaster:

Guess I was sadly mistaken. Maybe it will discourage the boys from staring at the boo-tay?

The jacket is heavily altered. There were decorative strips of fabric at the sleeves and back. Darts were put into the bust. That seam along the back waist was put in by my tailor because my waist is shorter in back than front. She had to take out fabric. She also took in the waist.

Should I put the back cloth strip back on? I still have it. Although Stinky has been using it to practice sewing on...

Note to self: do not button this jacket until I lose weight. It's doing that weird thing in the back because my only form of exercise apparently has been my hobby of swimming laps in vats of Ben and Jerry's for the last five months. Crap!

How does the hair flower look with a ponytail?

I love this top. I paid RETAIL because I fell in love. Hubby nixed my first jewelry pick for the evening. He has pretty good taste, so I tend to listen to him. He gave the "thumbs up" to my hematite necklace and earrings.

Jacket: VanHusen outlet store
Top: Pip's in Corning, NY
Jeans: where else?
Shoes: Ariat
Earrings: Lia Sophia party
Necklace: swiped from Mom's dusty, unused jewelry box decades ago.


  1. Comment from my Flowergirl on Facebook:
    "[T]he Lane Bryant jeans are a no no! You have a darling shape and those jeans are killing it with a wooden bat."
    Comment from Baby Sis on Facbook:
    "I think I've said this before but maybe it will sink better in typed word. For the love of God, never ever again get jeans that have the little flap pockets in the back! I love you and for that, I'm being honest and saying that those do not flatter any one at all. The pair of jeans you have on in the blog with the large flat rear pockets are more flattering on you. We both have big booties and therefore, neither of us need to draw more attention."

  2. Comment from Snookums on Facebook:
    "Really like the fashion blog sista! I guess I need to get a profile there to be able to make comments, ay? I like the humor and the honesty. It makes me miss that super personality that I love and adore about you! While unpacking, I found the necklace that I made that goes with the earrings mentioned in your blog. (Loved the troll comment) I need to fix it and get it to you. It will match nicely with those earrings and that cute top."