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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friend Friday- Ten random facts:

Modlychic says she's giving us a break from the usual questions about fashion and blogging. This week's assignment is to post ten random facts about ourselves:

1. If Stinky presses my abdomen, he can usually set off uncontrollable belching. Needless to say, he loves that.

2. I took two years of Russian in college. I don't think I remember the entire alphabet.

3. My pinky toenails are bigger than my other small toenails. This freaks Freeda out.

4. I took a mime workshop in high school. Hubby hates mimes.

5. I still wear a belly-button ring. With Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls on it.

6. My living room does not have a sofa. It has a daybed with a drawer trundle instead.

7. We have been in this apartment for a year and a half, and I still have not hooked up the stereo.

8. I have law licenses in three states.

9. I'm a Star Wars and (some) comic book fan. I have comic character action figures and figurines displayed in my living room.

10. I was bored to death by "Lord of the Rings".


  1. I was a mime one year for Halloween and freaked everyone out... I didn't know so many people were afraid of clowns!

  2. Oh, no! You're a mutant! I'll never be able to look at your feet again. :)

    Three states is impressive. I'm licensed in only two. (Passed the bar, simultaneously, in NY and MA.)

    I'm with ya on LOTR. I almost feel asleep.

  3. LOTR made me want to hang myself. Of all Tolkien, only the short story Leaf by Niggle is worth the paper it's written on.