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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I'm the Prom King

And you better not hit on my woman- I'll beat you stupid!

Yeah... that little piece of hotness is all for me!

Show 'em your pretty face, babe....

It a bit cold out, so we gotta keep my princess warm- and fly!

My girl even did her nails to match her dress- she likes to look pretty for me

So I brought her this corsage that I got this chick lawyerdoll to make:

My Prom Queen looooves the bling... and I like to look at it on her chest.

And her shiny shoes... what's up with chicks and shoes? I'm not looking at her feet.

Top: Salvation Army
Jacket: Salvation Army
Tie and cummerbund: Men's Wearhouse -the salesgirls made us promise photos
Crown: Party Time in Horseheads, NY
Pants: my black Lane Bryant ones. Like I could fit into men's tux pants!
Earring: Swarovski gift from Big Daddy. I lost it's mate :(
Pencil-thin D-bag beard: brown mascara -a lot of people thought it was glued-on hair!

Gown: Salvation Army -I had to sew ribbons to tie the neck together, and used a piece of elastic around the skirt to keep it up.
Shoes: Payless -the salesman was very amused
Wig and tiara: Party Time in Horseheads, NY
Necklace and Bracelet: Walmart
Bag: my Beijo bag from a purse party
Fake fur wrap: Walmart (fabric dept.)
Earrings: borrowed from a friend
Corsage: materials from Hobby Lobby, labor by me


  1. Wonderful costumes!

    Kudos to you and hubby. These costumes must have taken a lot of work; they look very convincing. And I don't know how you grew facial-hair but it's scarily realistic.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. The jeweled hairy chest is a little horrifying. I can't believe you didn't have him manscape.

  3. Most men find shaving anything othen than their face to be emasculating. Hair has symbolic importance to them.

    That said, opaque tights might have spared us the sight of the hair on his feet...

  4. All the hair and muscles showing was the point! I don't think it would have been as comical if he shaved.

    Shy- my beard is mascara

  5. Really? It looks 3-D in the photos. Nice job.

  6. I LOVE these costumes. They brought a huge smile to my face:) Very original and in the spirit of Halloween (as opposed to someone dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with an animal ear headband and calling it a costume).

    Seriously I hope you guys won best costume where ever you went!

    Your costumes=Priceless