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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Early Christmas!

I fit into my old trouser jeans! That's a good surprise, right? I haven't worn them in well over 6 months:

I know the back is a little tightish, but I was so overjoyed at having the ability to put this butt into these pants... it just had to be done!

Why, oh why does Lane Bryant put butt-flaps on big-girl pants? It's even worse on jeans... but they are still the best I have found. Baby Sis begged me not to get any more butt-flap jeans....

But these are old, and I'm hoping to shrink out of them soonish. Hubby thinks a trouser-cut jean is more "me" than a traditional jean.

The local Junior League put on an event for fathers, with a speaker. I heard from some of the other ladies he was very good, but my shift was in the playroom. The team mascot dropped in. Sorry about the blurry pic, but we were all goofing around!

[Edited to add: The event was at a hockey arena, and the fathers and kids got to go to the game afterwards.]

I forgot we were getting our T-shirts today, or I would have picked a different top. I wasn't trying to look like an early Christmas.

But at least I got to wear my new necklace! And my old earrings:

Sweater: Worthington via consignment shop
Tee: Junior League
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Ariat
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Earrings: bought about a hundred years ago at the dollar store.

[Edited to add: I think the earrings look too cheap next to the more substantial necklace. I'm going to another jewelry party next month, and I'm considering picking up the earrings to match the pendant. I don't normally do the "matchy-matchy thing, but I think it would be OK this time.]


  1. I love trouser jeans. I have a pair that I love. They fit everyone well I think because of how they are cut.

  2. Excellent! Good for you-they look great! Couldn't your tailor take off the butt flaps? ( if there is a pocket under there then he could sew up pocket)... I've always been able to take off the fake ones easily- but denim would require a tailor/seamstress. Mmmmm necklace-shell?

  3. Dee- I examined them closely re: butt-flap removal. Due to the denim treatment (and the fading because I've had them a couple years), it would always LOOK like I had removed the flaps. Which, to me, is worse than the flaps being there in the first place!

    But I will be closely examining future purchases to try to remove those offending strips of fabric wherever possible.

    The pendant is abalone. Looooove abalone, and this one is particlarly pretty. I'm defninitely getting the matching earrings....

  4. I've never understood the whole 'butt flap' thing - they don't look good on anyone! You look fabulous in that green shade, by the way.

  5. I've met the ONE person they look good on... my girlfriend Squeaky. She wore butt-flap jeans to the event too, but she's a size 4 and cute as a bug!

  6. check out that gorgeous figure you've been hiding!