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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My old standby: Red-and-Black

Another day that I got dressed *before* I looked at the calendar. Oopsie! I had court this afternoon, of course, so I tossed a jacket on top of my outfit.

What is going on with my pants in this shot? They are straight-legged, not bell-bottomed. Rrrr.... AND I'm never again buying "average" length pants- they're just a smidge short!

Did it otherwise turn out OK? I'm liking the red with this... of course, my sisters will tease me for the omnipresent "black-and-red" combination. I've worn a lot of black-and-red starting in high school. Red is my favorite color, and black goes with (almost) everything. What's not to love?

Of course, the claim is that I've historically worn it too often. For decades. I have photographic evidence to refute those exaggerated claims. I just have to buy another scanner, mine is kaput.

I love this cardigan, but since I found it on clearance, I have no shell to go with it. So I sewed up most of the button placket so I can wear it alone with no ugly gaping. Only the top two buttons come open now. Besides, the pretty pattern would be lost if I had it open, I believe.

Of course, my go-to glass earrings:

Dang! I JUST thought of a bracelet that would have been great with this outfit....

Top: Talbot's
Jacket: VanHusen outlet
Belt: Nine West
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Corning Museum of Glass
Shoes: Bass


  1. Red is a beautiful color and there's no shame in wearing it often. Plus it goes great with black and the combination is professional. A nice choice for a stylish attorney.

    I'm seriously in love with your top. What a beautiful naturistic design. Is it married to you or does it see other people?

  2. Ha! I'm a jealous wench when it comes to my favorites... this puppy stays home! Besides, it would be too small for you, dearie.

  3. That top is awesome! It looks great on you. Red and black are your wear them! (actually I was thinking the other day that most colors suit you- you're lucky that way) Red is a power color and in your job you need that edge- so use it! I like the belt too.

  4. I look washed out and sick in yellow and pastels. Even orange-reds... but "weird" colors ofen suit me...

  5. Ha, there are no words to describe your newspaper adolescence (did I spell that right?).... Newspaper as in "black, white, and read/red all over".

    So I'll settle for saying this is really cute!

  6. Red, black and white is a classic combination. A pop of red is my fave go-to way to punch up an outfit.

  7. It's interesting that, in pictures, we seldom get scale, a frame of reference. Until you mentioned a difference in our sizes, I just assumed you were also 6' tall, 205 lbs. with a size-13 shoe...

    Just kidding! :)

  8. red, black and white combinations always look modern and stylish.

    I like the cardigan wore as a sweater (with the buttons sewed shut), you said you did this because there was no shell... what about wearing the cardigan over a nice plain knit white or black sleeveless shirt or a simple cameisol?

    ~Em K