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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Need styling ideas!

I think this blouse so so interesting, but I have the worst time trying to style it, so it remains on the rack. Here's what I tried today:

I leave the top couple buttons undone, so it's not too prim. But it's hard for most of my necklaces to show under the fabric at the neckline. So I tried my curled-wire one:

As I move around during the day, it goes from barely peeking to fully exposed:

I like the weird color, and the sheen on the fabric. And the detail. But this shirt has no insulative properties whatsoever. If I wear it again, I need a hidden underlayer.

Styling challenges: I can't wear it untucked. Drat! I also am having a terrible time figuring out a jacket to wear over it. Today's mandatory court jacket was an unmitigated disaster:

Ideas? Or is this going to be an "office-only" shirt?

I was particularly stumped for earrings to go with this necklace:

Shirt: Freeda's castoff Casual Corner
Sweater: Limited via consignment shop
Pants: Lane Bryant
Belt: Nine West
Necklace: Renaissance Faire in Holly, MI
Earrings: I forgot


  1. It's a really nice blouse and I see what you mean about having trouble coming up with styling ideas. My usual ideas won't work with this. Don't give up on it though; the color and design are too cute to hide in the closet.

    Hopefully your sister will save the day.

  2. Do you wear skirts? What about a high waisted skirt? If you wore a straight or pencil skirt with it you could maybe try a cropped type blazer/jacket?

  3. I love this shirt, gorgeous! I think cause it is busy itself you don't need to wear any necklaces with it. I think it looks good left alone. I like the idea LazyMadonna had of a high or pencil skirt with it.

  4. She almost never wears skirts!

    I'm really questioning the high collar on you.

    What if you put something over it to bring the focus down? Big scarf, big necklace, something?

    I had the same problem with that top, though. That and it's tendency to get staticky.

  5. Have you tried it buttoned up all the way (I know, so prim!) but add a statement necklace (so not prim) OVER the neckline? With a sharp looking blazer and either pants or a skirt (tucked in). Such a gorgeous color!

    Call Me Ishmael

  6. Love the color and detail, not quite a ruffle but it has some froof (yeah I just made it up) to it. I would do a single breasted blazer with a button low, like right above the navel.