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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Recap

While reviewing my photos trying to choose my "outstanding" outfits for the month, my mind went in a different direction. "What have I learned this month?" Hmmm...

My face is lopsided. Much more so than I thought. Not much I can do about that, though. So concentrating on what I can fix:

I'm not liking some of my formerly favorite clothes as much as I thought I did. My "trusty Lane Bryant Houston" pants come in too much at the knee to be flattering after all:


*sigh* So right now, the only flattering(ish) pants I have are my brown "nubby" pants. Which Baby Sis says make my feet disappear.


And I'm between sizes right now, with my old pants too tight still, and the ones I'm wearing hanging off me. Grreeeat....

I liked the VanHusen outlet solid button-downs, especially the 3/4 sleeves with french cuffs. But I now don't like how the fabric rumples during the day, especially at the button placket. The color fades quickly, too... especially around the edges-- and I'm not about to dry-clean my cotton shirts!


I'm also thinking I really prefer a v-neck to a regular button-down shirt. I don't like the way the fabric flops around, hiding my pretty necklaces and rumpling under my lapels. See how much better this collar looks under the jacket:


Not nearly so messy-looking! I tried the "collar over the lapel" look pre-blog, but decided it made my neck look too short.

What else have I been noticing? I'm still a "snooze abuser", leading to many bad-hair days.

On the upside, I have put a lot more thought into accessorizing since my last recap, and really have been trying to use what I already had- but haven't been wearing. I've also just started getting a little experimental... within the limits of my profession, of course.

I consider this outfit my triumph:


And curling my lashes really helps keep my mascara from smudging on the outer corner of my eye. Am I going to be one of those ladies that needs an eye lift to see properly because my eyes get so hooded? At least insurance might pay for it then....

Most of my (very little) shopping has been for filling in gaps. I have worn every recent purchase. And I'm rotating clothes in my closet now, to make sure I wear more of what I own.

No outfit post today- I wore a repeat seen HERE and HERE.

So bad days aside, I think I'm coming along.


  1. It's fun and educational to listen to you talk out loud. Your thoughts are precise and detailed in ways I'd never imagine beforehand.

    I agree that v-necks are better than button-down shirts.

    I disagree about your face: it seems perfectly symmetrical to me.

  2. "Precise and detailed" rofl-- guess that's why I'm a bloody lawyer!

    Having all these photos taken at random points in the day, with no special posing or deiting, has been verrry educational for me.

    I usually look much better in my mirror first thing in the morning that I do at 2pm. So I'm glad to know how bad I sometimes look, so I can fix it!

  3. "Deiting"? What the heck was I talking about? I WAS/AM dieting, but not posing for the best angle in my pics....

    So much for precison!

  4. LOL! I think it's been a valuable month for you!! I look forward to seeing what December brings.

  5. My favorite is outfit number 2, I do love a cream and brown combo and that paisley blouse is lovely. And what I love the most about you and your blog is how honest and transparent you are. You present it all and with such matter of factness. I'm gonna get there one day....soon.

  6. That cream jacket outfit with the scarf is awesome, I agree.

    I like button-downs on occasion, but alway wear a layer over top (like a sweater vest) to help keep the button area in control (and hide wrinkling), as I'm a woman of boobage like you, hee.