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Thursday, December 23, 2010

T'was the day before Christmas PTO (Paid Time Off)...

And all throught the courts, no one was crying, not even my clients...
The phones almost silent, paperwork slowed to a crawl... am I even at work at all?

But as long as we are here, the judges spread the Christmas cheer:

I'll sleep in tomorrow, my hair won't look like s@!t, I'll laze, and I'll primp, and I'll say "this is it!".

But today a quick little view, of part of my latest jewelry order, to show to you:

They swing and jingle, they are quite distracting. But they make me feel jaunty- I'm not even acting!

Wow... I'm a terrible poet- guess I better stick to law!

Sweater: VanHusen outlet
Jacket: Tallman's in Painted Post, NY
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Lia Sophia


  1. Loving those earings!! and loved your post also! Very cute! Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and Happy New year!

  2. I love those earrings and the new look of your blog is great! Is it bad that I would want my lawyer wearing concert t-shirts and combat boots? Haha!

  3. Love the photo. The judges I interact with seem to have no souls and no senses of humor (except in Branch county).

    I like the earrings. You need a haircut!!

    Have you started planning your outfits for when you come home yet?

  4. Freeda- Don't tell me I now need a haircut 3x/year rather than my current 2... this is getting expensive! Actually, my blow dryer died... I just got a new one, so we shall see how well it works.

    Haven't started on my Giftmas outfits yet, will probably pack Tuesday or Wednesday.

  5. Great earrings... very interesting. Happy Holidays!