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Sunday, December 5, 2010

VOTE: Should I return this sweater?

I liked it, but Hubby thinks the buttons only at the top make it seem like it doesn't fit at the botton, rather than as a design element.

My thought was to use it as a jacket-substitute, with longer sleeves and a collar on a shirt underneath.

So I need your opinions... don't be shy or too "nice". This is $65 in controversy, so if I'm keeping it, it better be worth it!

And yes, I am wearing makeup but otherwise sloppy "house clothes". We were going out, but decided Stinky is too sick.


  1. I agree with your Hubby...the buttons are wrong. From the front the sweater does weird things to your figure but from the sides and back it looks fine? I have a sweater just like it that I wore once and then never again.. someone asked me when I was "due" hahahaha ... so I would return it and keep looking... I'm sure the perfect sweater is out there. ( How's that? not too nicey nicey-I try)

  2. I like the style of the sweater but think that because it buttons up so high it makes you look more narrow-shouldered than you actually are. And then at the bottom it's sitting right on the widest part of your hips. The combined result is to make you look quite wide-hipped when you actually have an hourglass figure!

  3. I loathe those buttons. And though I think the rest isn't horrid, I certainly don't think it's worth $65.

  4. Sweaters that focus on the top half and then cut away over the hips make a visual upside-down ^ and cause your hips to look wider. If you have a regular to large-sized bust, that effect is emphasized. I avoid cropped jackets that button like this, sweaters that button like this and anything that cuts away over my hips, due to this effect.

    In short, this isn't a good cut unless you have slim hips and a small bust.

    Take it back! :)

  5. I don't like the buttons. In my opinion, they clash with the color of the sweater and I don't like the gray. It's too blah. I do however like the texture. However, that said, I don't think it's worth the sixty five bucks!