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Monday, January 10, 2011

Tailor or exchange (for size only) my Giftmas prezzie?

I just love this sweater, but when I tried it on at the family get-together, it seemed to fit just fine. But I was wearing a sweater.... Now, I'm thinking it may be a bit big? You tell me:

I like it so much though. My thoughtful sis Freeda knew I was looking for something I could wear over my cute summer tops and still show more of the top than most jackets or sweaters:

She's really great at picking out gifts for people. Whenever I'm stumped (all too often), I go to her for ideas!

I've been dying to wear this shell to work for ages, so thought I would give it a try. Obviously, it's also a try at black and brown together. How can I get it to hang straighter over the boobular area? Or should I just let it go around like it does now?

The original way it closes:

After some safety-pinning:

I don't like the way the button hangs down... a bit of a design defect, IMO. I can change that easily, though. Even if this sweater is a little big, I'm going to find a way for it to work. It's just TOO GORGEOUS! My outfit pics don't show the detail very well, so here's the front:

And the back- these are three independent panels:

Maybe too independent- I'm thinking of stitching them together a little. Just to lie smoother:

The photos I tried with my work pants just didn't show much. So you get a peek at my PJs, tee-hee.

Oh yeah! My hard-to-match earrings look great with this top:

So the question is: wash it to shrink it up, then take it to the tailor... or get the paperwork from Freeda to exchange for a size smaller?

Top: Freeda's castoff Soma
Sweater: Iman gift from Freeda
Pants: Lane Bryant
Earrings: made by Snookums


  1. What a great sweater! Depending on the material it may shrink... so washing first is a good idea. You can always exchange it after if it doesn't shrink.
    P.S. Cute monkey pants.

  2. I told you to get it a size smaller, nerd!

    I would also replace that button with some of those cute sweater clips from the fabric store, that way you can change it up a bit depending on whatever else you are wearing.

  3. I love the bottom detail of the sweater! The sleeves look a bit too long--perhaps that should be the deciding factor.