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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yup, definitely exchanging this sweater

For a smaller size- but not before I run a little experiment:

I do like how well the neckline works with my pretty summer top, that I've been having a terrible time adapting to winter:

Wow, I've got enough luggage under these eyes for a cruise! Oh, well...

I wasn't sure if the necklace was too much, but I haven't worn it in a hundred years, so thought I'd try:

Too Goth-y for the colorful print? I even wore the *gasp* matching earrings:

I think this top and sweater combination has promise... now I just need the smaller size. It's on it's way- I just called HSN for the exchange today. Of course, it's on the way to Freeda's house. They can't just makes it simple. But I'm still excited to get my new one!

Top: Alfani from Macy's
Sweater: Iman gift from Freeda
Pants: why bother... they're ALL Lane Bryant
Jewelry: I forgot... had the set forever


  1. I like the deep V of the cardigan, but the hemline is not quite right to me. I would like it more fitted and being straight across rather than curved away (a tricky cut to carry off).

    I LOVE the necklace and earrings - those are amazing.

  2. Oh yeah... in todays photo I can see how large the shoulders are on you...yesterday it only looked a bit too long in the back. I like the necklace with that top ...can't see too much of the earrings with your hair down so it doesn't look too "goth-y".

  3. Please show us the lovely sweater again when you have the smaller size. What a versatile piece!

    Oh please tell me more about NZ! We're leaving in March and are so so excited! We're only staying roughly 3 days in Christchurch, but I'd love to hear any recommendations (or better yet, what to stay away from!). You can find me on my blog or reach me at

    THANKS! :-)

  4. Love the print of the blouse!

  5. The print on the blouse is GORGEOUS! I don't think the necklace is too much at all.....I can see why you've had it so long! Thanks a bunch for visiting my blog! ~Serene

  6. Great look--I love the curve on the sweater--it dosent look that big to me~thats the only draw back of mail order--once you know you want it, it seems to take forever to arrive! Paula

  7. I like the jewelry--it's simple and looks great with the neckline.

  8. I like the neckline on this top as well as the necklace. I think it's just right for this outfit--not too showy and blending perfectly with the rest of the outfit. I believe a smaller size in this sweater is going to look a lot more flattering on you and then this outfit will really rock!