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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My project

...started when I decided to repair a few of my hair catches. My white hair flower was coming loose from the base, and the black one lost it's clip.



Glue gun to the rescue!


The pale thing in the center is a piece of plastic I put in the clip so it wouldn't get glued shut. Now I'm stuck with it (ew... no pun intended!), but no one should see that anyway.

I then went to Michael's and picked up some stuff to make more hair clips:


Then got to work:


OK, the big wad of hot glue isn't elegant, but I'm only making them for myself, so the unseen parts don't have to be pretty. I used the paperboard the fixings came on rather than plastic to keep the clip from sticking shut this time:


One of the finished products:


Each layer spins a little given a bit of movement!

I've made everything but the fake orchids. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend.

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