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Monday, July 4, 2011

VOTE! in honor of the 4th...

... I need votes to determine whether to return this top:

Pros: I love the fabric and color, the pintuck pleats are interesting, it's long so my low back is covered, and it covers my bingo wings.

Cons: the neckline is wide, and tends to shift to the side or down, exposing my ugly bra. BUT I'm on crutches rather than walking upright, so I'm thinking it may not be a problem much longer.

And is it a little big?

I bought this at full price, and the tag is still on it... so pleeeze cast your vote!

Today was my first time leaving home in 4 weeks for anything other than doctor appointments! Hubby, Stinky, and I went to dinner at our hangout pub, then went to see the fireworks show. I'm glad I got to do one "outside" thing before I go back to work tomorrow!

Because I'm on crutches, and it was pretty warm today, I didn't want to fuss with much jewlery. But I wanted to finish off the look. My solution:

Top: Lane Bryant
Capris: Fashion Bug
Earrings: farmer's market
"Shoes": Crocs. I don't consider them real shoes, and they are hideous. But my feet are still killing me, and they are cushy. I'm going to be wearing them constantly for at least another month.


  1. I'm a fashion-novice so don't give my vote much weight, but I really like the top. The design is attracctive, the color is beautiful, the texture is nice, and the sleeves look good on you. I understand the cons you mention but they don't outweigh the big pros. I'd keep it.

    And what pretty earrings!

  2. I like the color and the sleeves, I would keep it! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm not sure about the beaded bird top either, so my solution, throw it in with the regular laundry and if the beading stays I keep it, if the beading falls off, out with the shirt! (what kind of crazy logic is that?) well, the beading stayed, so the little birdie gets to stay too!

  3. I love the color but I think it's too big on you...maybe you could get a smaller size? Glad to see you getting up and about!

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  5. the color is very pretty, but main thing is you feel comfortable in it. if you do, it's a keeper!

    thanks for your comment on my jumpsuit. a previous post shows the front here:

  6. Oh, what happened to you?
    Love the colour of the sweater!

  7. nice colour, lovely details. keep it.

  8. I really love your earrings! & seriously, what a cool find at a farmer's market!