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Friday, December 9, 2011

Neutrals Week: in the Navy!

Surprisingly, navy seems to have been my biggest "Neutrals Week" challenge. Unfortunately, the blouse is way too small to wear without the sweater to cover it up, and the only sweater I have that goes is a light blue one:

Why didn't Hubby tell me the sweater was bunched up before he took the pic!? *sigh* this outfit is prettier than the photo shows:

I had one court appearance, and no really good jacket for this outfit. So the effect was spoiled:

This jacket and these pants do not match- ugh! I ditched the jacket as soon as I was done in court this morning:

Oh how I love this pendant, but I think I prefer my dark red garnet bead necklace with this outfit. I picked this pendant because it's a purpley/navy color:

I feel more comfortable with these big shiny earrings since my hair went curly, and covers them somewhat:

I just thought the outfit needed something with more of a pop than navy shoes, though:

Sweater: via Macy's
Blouse: Liz Claiborne via consignment shop
Jacket: NYP Suits via consignment shop
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Trotters
Collar and earrings: Premier Designs
Pendant: artist in Kalamazoo, MI


  1. LOL the reason he did not say anything about the bunched sweater is probably because he never even noticed it. At least that is how my husband is. He will worry about my necklace not being straight and then not tell me my hair is totally out of place.
    I love your pendant too. Very pretty. This is a very attractive outfit.

  2. I like the blouse and sweater, especially how the sweater ties at the waist. The jacket covers everything up and looks best draped over a chair so the rest of your outfit can sing.

    And, again, you have great jewelry.

  3. Love the colour of your shoes and the print of your blouse

  4. I love the pattern of the top. The sweater helps give a fitted look and is very flattering to your shape. Good choice on the shoe. Sometimes a matching shoe can give a nice leg line, but sometimes it can be more visually interesting to 'pop' with some color. I agree, great choice on the shoes.