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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm Asking for Your Support....

No, I'm not canvassing votes for anything, I just need some "reminding" about what I need to do: MOVE! Not relocate... I mean move my body. I've heard the kids calling it "exercise". Am I getting the term correct?

[The outfit is further down, please indulge me first....]

Anyhoo, I've spent the last year recovering from those two foot surgeries, and the enforced inactivity compelled by those circumstances. I've gone from "living like veal" to living more like a snail. Sloooow progress, but my fitness level is still subpar, IMO. So I need to step it up, bigtime!

I got a tip from Pinterest recommending a "workout jar". So I made one out of an Almond Roca tin   I had hanging around (how apropo...):

As of this evening, I have $2.00. Goodwill, here I come!

When I stopped blogging last February, I was a year out from my first surgery. And, to celebrate, I purchased proper quad roller skates on eBay. From a girl who had to stop skating for medical reasons. The irony....

But her loss is my gain- I made out like a bandit! Less than $175 got me indoor and outdoor wheels and brakes, tool, grease, (I forgot to put the key in the pic), and a handy-dandy shoulder "saddlebag". And, according to much pre-purchase research, all high-quality brands! Everything I need except the helmet and pads, which I ordered separately. I had to get them from a specialty derby shop online b/c I'm so fat. The pads in the "normal" stores are way too small. *sigh*

See? My cankles are so huge I can't even tie them without exposed sock. They will never be slim, but this is absurd!

The outdoor wheels and brakes are on now, because I haven't decided to switch them back yet, in case I do want to skate outside before it gets too crappy out. I put a sampling of the indoor ones in front to show the difference. Outdoor wheels are softer and slower, indoor ones harder. And these one are wider for speed. They took some getting used to, but I love them!

I was skating a lot during the spring, but the rink is closed over the summer. And this summer was too horribly hot to tolerate strenuous outdoor exercise. Just awful- and I LOVE summer! So that's why I haven't posted the safety gear. I'm not really using it yet.

I took Stinky to the rink with me today, since it's finally reopened for the season. And forgot my phone, so I had hubby take this pic at home. This is my skating outfit. Jeans are too hot and binding, so I use these Old Navy knit pants I've had for years. The pocket is just big enough to keep some money for admission, snacks, and Centipede. My cut-up Captain America Wal-Mart tee  is modest but not binding- perfect for a "family" place like a roller rink in the afternoon. And it's sufficiently child-like, because when I'm skating, I'm instantly eleven years old again!

About the support I'm asking for? Reminders/nagging/encouragement to do something physical each day. Except for valid reasons, like night court, illness, meetings (ex: Red Cross, professional, book club, AAUW, Junior League) and travel.

This is still a fashion blog, so I will mostly only briefly mention my fitness stuff. But I do have an an upcoming post on more "activity outfits" that's written, I just don't have the pics yet.



  1. It's so funny you posted this... I have plans to go skating on Friday!

  2. We ALL need to move our bodies more. In the past, life demanded movement; now, we've become slugs -- and our health suffers from it.

    I consciously try to move as often as possible. I'll be happy to remind you!

    Skating is fun. You look cute on wheels!

  3. Aww what a great way to inspire yourself to exercise. Skating is a great form of exercise, and like any exercise, remember to be careful. (I've bruised myself up skating!) You'll do great and start feeling in shape in no time. Woo!

  4. You do look cute and happy in your skating gear, LD! Thanks for sharing your post with Visible Monday, and I love your two-jar plan.

  5. @Patti- it's only 1 jar, I just showed both sides!

  6. Hello, I will try to give you that virtual push if you do the same for me! Im trying to become a smaller pear! BTW, I posted a response on my last blog post in response to yours about the pants.

  7. Have you ever thought about joining an online fitness community for support and motivation? That might help you out! Good luck reaching your goals, stick with it and take it one day at a time :)

  8. I used to love skating! I would have the best time. Last time I tried it, though, I slipped and fell right on my butt. Ha!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. So lovely post, my dear!

    Have a wonderful week,


    New Post: Milan VFNO - Focus on TOD'S!

  10. living like a snail ... since i have this stress fractures, i suppose i know what you mean ... oh, enjoy skating!!!

    propably you're right with vintage barbie. i think she is the pre-barbie. the date mark in her neck is 1958, the year before barbie came to real life, no, to the shops. ;)

  11. You got my support, I always wanted to learn how to skate. I guess Zumba and brazilian but lift workout will do for now. You look so cute in your skating outfit. I know you can do it, I am over hear cheering for you!

  12. I need to get with the exercise program too. I like your exercise jar. I just need to get motivated. I go to yoga, but need to get back to biking. Good luck!