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Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Mutated Seed

Ever have the kernel, the seed of a great outfit... yet still it somehow grows just wrong? Me too!

This seed was a beautiful Christmas prezzie from Freeda. A lovely black sweater from Iman's line at HSN. So if I wear an IMAN sweater, I will blossom to look like this?

Afraid not. I did, however, mutate into this today:

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I suspect Freeda picked it because it allows a good bit of the top underneath to be visible. The one she got for me was too big, so by the time I returned it, it was shipped back to her house, and I got to the Mitten again... it was time to put it away for the season!

But I have the replacement, and it's chilly, so I wanted to wear it to my CLE (Continuing Legal Education) class today. I also really wanted to wear the new awesome belt I bought last weekend while I was in Queens:

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It usually looked better together during the day than the photo shows, but I did have to keep adjusting it a bit now and then. I suppose I will try these two together again... when I can have another photo taken. If you click the link above you will see the gorgeous detail in the (too big) sweater.

I have no jewelry that goes with the belt. I wore these earrings, and it was not great:

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I also should have worn my black hair flower, but flubbed that up, too:

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That's what I get when I have to make a two-hour drive for something that starts at 8:30… A.M.… On a Saturday. But at least I remembered to wear these again:

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We went to the mall after the CLE, because why waste a mileage-paid trip to Rochester, NY? We live in a more rural area, and shopping opportunities are limited by the small market. I bought some cute socks for myself and a prezzie for Stinky; Hubby bought a couple of ties, and three pair of jeans-- because at least HE lost weight....

Like I tell Stinky- I have fork-to-mouth disease!

Top: Ann Taylor via consignment shop
Sweater: IMAN by HSN gift from Freeda
Belt: Lake Shore Drive via Bolton's in Forest Hills, NY... I love how "Chicago" the brand name is for something I got in NYC!
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Earrings: art fair in Kalamazoo, MI
Hair flower: art fair in Hammondsport, NY
Shoes: Ariat via Sole Solutions in Spokane, WA


  1. i like the bamboo hardware on the belt! great way to make that trip! it's always nice to shop away from home, too! change of scenery!!

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  2. The belt is really great. I think you are going to get lots of wear out of it. I really like your gold shoes too. Another great score. You have some nice, very versatile things.

    1. They're actually black, must have been a trick of the light?

  3. that's the bummer of everything fitting differently. you never know what is or isn't gonna work. i am fascinated by your belt! also, your skin in your blog header looks positively luminescent. yes, i'm serious.