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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Not only am I on my second day of not washing my hair to preserve the new dye job (yuk!), but I saw what are clearly fingernail clippings on the courtroom carpet! *shudder* I deal with a lot of foul sights and smells that they did NOT warn us about in law school... but today's display just takes it to a whole new level of ewww....

See? The very thought makes my eyes go wonky!

The I had a lot of court appearances today, so I kept the sweater-as-jacket on throughout most of the day. Here is what was underneath:

 I wanted some color with my outfit, something gentle to contrast with the stark black-and-white:

Must remember to take a better pic of those! I also broke out ye olde pink kitten-heels:

I think the outfit needed a bracelet. Or several. Something to keep in mind for the next time I wear shorter sleeves under this sweater.

I thought I was going to Zumba. I was mistaken. I would have called in to work today if I could have, so I decided at the last minute that I should take it easy on myself this evening. I really want to be able to skate this weekend, so I will save my energy.

Or am I just a lazy, rationalizing bum?

Top: Worthington from JC Penney
Belt: Lane Bryant, from pants that don't fit now
Sweater: Limited via consignment shop
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: American Eagle via Freeda's purge pile
Earrings: via farmer's market in Corning, NY


  1. Really pretty and flattering outfit today. Love the magenta shoes.

    Nail clippings are really gross...but I won't even tell you all the things I would see when responding to emergencies as a paramedic. I'm not talking about trauma...I'm talking about the gross things in peoples homes.....shudder. Glad I'm not doing it anymore.

  2. This is one of your best outfits! I really love the proportions on you - that swing coat really suits your shape! I think a bracelet would look great with this, or a brooch on the lapel.

    I have cleaned up urine, mould and bleach at my job. People can be disgusting.

  3. It's a good clean look. :) Bracelets could be a great addition.

    Not lazy. Today I didn't go to work, and went roller skating.

  4. Love it. You're doing a great job!

    please come by!

  5. I'm with Sheila, this swing coat/sweater is really outstanding. Your hair still looks great.

    Um, thanks for sharing the fingernail clippings on the carpet thangie? Ugh, some peeps are so oblivious...and

  6. That top is so so flattering on you. I love the stripes and the shaping. The pink kitten heels are a perfect colorful addition.

    Cringing a bit at the finger nails - but tbh it could be worse! (I don't even want to talk about the 'dip' cups I've found on college campus - now that's gross!)

  7. I think you look really professional and put together, the jacket really accentuates your figure and nice touch with a pop of color in the shoes. Your hair looks great, I use Wen cleansing conditioner and it's suppose to preserve your hair coloring.

  8. Love the stripes and the hot pink accents! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and pls don't walk barefoot in the courtroom : >

  9. I think this outfit is perfect on you. One of my favorites of yours. The colors are the perfect addition.
    I don't think you are being lazy. Sometimes stressing your body when you are not feeling well is the worst thing to do. You can end up much sicker than before. Exercise is not a punishment. Exercising when you feel bad is punishment. Especially Zumba which is hard enough as it is!

  10. Newest follower here! I found you through the Monday Link up! Cute blog, I love your style. Super cute outfit :)

  11. professional & classy courtroom ensemble! whatever it takes to keep the hair color looking spectacular, right?

  12. so elegant!! love your outfit!!

  13. Dark hair looks great on you. Did you get it colored? I love it.