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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Need to Take This to the Tailor!!!

Yes, I had to do another mirror-shot Friday, I think that makes it the whole week. I will try harder to get someone else to photograph me next week, I swear! At least Hubby complimented my hair....

I love this top, except that weird, too-low dip in the front:

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I'm starting to think I should add shoulder pads to the jacket, to give them a smidge more structure.... Here's an older photo of the top from the side, so you can see what I mean:

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I think I will just have the beige bit at the bottom taken up, it won't turn out as short as the pic on the right.

I just picked up a few goodies on mega-clearance at Fashion Bug-- the whole chain is being closed down. But I didn't have time to "adjust" the red earrings I picked up, so I went with these:

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Yep, these again. I do actually own other brown shoes... perhaps we should see them again soon?

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Top: via Stein Mart
Jacket: VanHeusen outlet
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Aerosoles
Earrings: via Bon Ton


  1. I have a top like that to, similar colors and everything. And it's hanging in my closet because of the front dip. Oddly enough, it never occurred to me to have it tailored. Silly me!

    Those earrings are fab!

  2. I love the reds in this outfit, and think that top looks great on you, but I always love anything ruched or gathered. I think the neutral earrings are perfect.

  3. I like the top with the dip in front, but I agree that the jacket could use a trip the the tailor; the color is great, and the cut looks right, but I think you either need to add shoulder pads or get the shoulders tailored; they aren't quite laying how they should, almost as though they are way wider than your shoulders. A tailor may be able to fix that up quickly or suggest shoulder pads that won't take you back to the 80s :-)

  4. I think the top looks great as is! The dip is actually very flattering and hits at a good point. In my humble opinion, its minimizing.

  5. I totally know what you mean about needed to take clothes to the tailor and I think this will work out perfectly for you. The color is so flattering on you and I really like your new motto at the heading of your blog, Keep it up, you look great!


  6. I like your tailoring suggestions. I just wish there was a good tailor around here.
    The colors look fab on you.

  7. I think the shoulder pads would give your jacket more structure. Hope you have a great Sunday

  8. great top *_*

    have a great day,


  9. Nice top darling :)!! Visit and check my new post!!


  10. Great Post!

    Nice outfit :) I really like your hair as well haha :)



  11. Absolutely obsessed with this,honey,great job!;)

  12. I know how to sew so if something needs to be altered I usually do it myself. Something about a properly fitted garment is priceless. Your hair is really pretty.