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Monday, January 14, 2013

Saddle Sore

Yesterday, I went to spinning class at the Y, in my fabulous gear. Before/After:

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Yeah, I pretty much felt like death warmed over when I was done, and I only got through half the class! Even with the gel seat-pad, I still wound up with sore "sit bones" on Monday. Ah well... will just have to keep at it.

At least I got a compliment on my color combinations from a prosecutor (female) this morning. I feel a bit chagrined that I neglected to get a shot of today's outfit "all together" to show it properly. I will say that I thought it looked pretty decent with the jacket on.

I decided to keep the "base" of the outfit brown, with only the top and jacket using the "pop" color. I chose this embellished tee as an under-layer to the sleeveless shell:

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So I chose brown glass earrings to complement the shiny bead trim on the underlayer tee:

Note to self: next time, tuck the under-layer shirt IN!

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Hmmm... getting snug... I guess it will be a bit before I retry this combination due to fit issues.

 I actually wore dark brown trouser socks with these today, rather than the stockings shown:

Workout tank and cheapo sports bra: Wal-Mart
Pedal-pushers: Fashion Bug
Clip shoes: Nike via Breakaway Bicycles in Kalamazoo, MI
Padded bike gloves: BG via Breakaway Bicycles in Kalamazoo, MI
Special bicycling sox: Pearl Izumi via Breakaway Bicycles in Kalamazoo, MI

I guess you figured out that I bought the specialized equipment all at once! The clip-in shoes take pressure off the ball of the foot, and also allow me to pull UP when pedaling, for a more effective workout. The socks wick nicely, and the gloves keep the pressure on hands from becoming intolerable.

The dork that I am, I wanted all blue to match my shoes, but had to settle for pink-and-blue bicycle gear....

Shell: Croft & Barrow via Goodwill
Shirt: Limited via Freeda's purge pile
Jacket: VanHeusen outlet
Earrings: Kalamazoo Institute of Art
Pants: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Trotters via DeGaetano's in Hornell, NY


  1. i don't think i've ever owned cute work out clothes. i usually look like a slob. very pretty lace detailing on the top, and the bow on the shoe.

  2. Good for you getting back on the workout train. I am too. I rejoined the gym (I may have already mentioned it) and I'm going to Zumba class. I want to try spin but I fear the dreaded sore sit bones! Oh well....I will give it a shot!

  3. Congrats on working out. I've been working out with Zumba at home and doing the FIRM. Your earrings and the lace in the blouse is gorgeous.

  4. Congrats on your work out. Personally I think spinning is cruel. Not that I tried it. My knees already ache when I think of it. Maybe I should get on our crosstrainer before we throw it out in the cellar. 5 minutes should be doable :)


  5. I love those earrings! Spin class can be hell on the bottom. I always stand up and pedal whenever it gets to be too relieve the pressure.

  6. I work out in private because I get too self-conscious. I haven't worked out at all this year. Eek!!