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Friday, December 5, 2014

A Lightbulb Moment

When I arrived at my Mother-in-Law's on the Monday before Thanksgiving, I was actually feeling pretty decent about my outfit:

 photo PSX_20141201_004708_zpskbperaim.jpg

OK, the Oompa-Loompa look is courtesy of Hubby's crappy photography skills. It's hard to get a shot from him that isn't completely blurred, let alone a decent angle! I have yet to get a decent photo of the earrings, so that will have to wait for another day. But here's the buckle, which I adore:

 photo PSX_20141122_221530_zpsydwauwkl.jpg

Anyhoo-- I wore the same jeans the next day to do some shopping for my largely house-bound M-I-L, then got a look at my outfit in a full-sized mirror in the Wal-Mart ladies' room:

 photo PSX_20141201_004511_zpsibtr75yl.jpg

And I'm not liking what I'm seeing... blurriness and grubby mirror aside. What's really bothering me, like the last pair of jeans I wore (and posted) recently, is the knees:

 photo PSX_20141125_230112_zps9xe5qt8v.jpg

Boot-cut jeans, unless they are pretty loose, tend to "grab" my knees at the worst spot! Since I've been "big", I've been very self-conscious about my tiny kneecaps "lost in a sea of fat". There is a lot of extra inner knee chub... and I despair. I wear my (very, very few) skirts and dresses just below the knee for that very reason.

Even when I'm slim, I have disproportionately large thighs, including inner knee "chub"... and I've always had the "lap spread" when I sit-- even when my size eight jeans were hanging off me as I was a stressball while finishing law school. A couple of boyfriends, over the years, remarked that they hadn't seen that on other girls... and yet those guys still walk this Earth. As far as I know, anyway. I am a merciful soul.

And now I need to remember to NEVER buy boot-cut pants or jeans again. In life. EVER!!! At least I should be able to avoid buying any more *crossing fingers* or the foreseeable future, as I will have these beauties:

 photo PSX_20141205_014925_zps6xsuwh4i.jpg

Recently, Lane Bryant came out with the best trouser-cut jeans I've had the pleasure of wearing. Indeed, I also ordered extras in every size (that LB carries) smaller than I'm wearing now once they went on sale for 1/2 off! I know it sounds weird, but I have to snag them while I can... because decent pants-- especially jeans-- are almost as difficult for me to find as a unicorn!

 photo PSX_20141202_073643_zpsswokr2ld.jpg

They are actually a bit long, even when I'm wearing high-ish shoes (how weird!) I'm still debating whether I want to have them taken up a little, but I'm trying to avoid all but absolutely necessary tailoring expenses. The waist is a wee bit big on me, but not quite enough to be worth tailoring. The solution: a belt. But regular belts just won't do because, due to my Super-Curves, they stick out oddly in the back:

 photo PSX_20141202_074240_zpstuobyuey.jpg

Regular belt vs. elastic belt... weird, eh? For some pants, a curved belt works nicely. But elastic belts are my "Boo", as my sister says.

Not that I'm going to toss my boot-cut jeans, once they are looser... they will look a bit better. So you may see them again in a few pounds... well, a few more pounds than initially anticipated. What was supposed to be a few days at M-I-L's turned into a week. A week of carbs and gluttony....

So I've set myself back in the weight-loss department. Damage total: +5 lbs. since I left for M-I-L's until December 2nd. Net gain for November: +2 lbs. Not thrilled, but it could be worse... I cheated a good bit even before Carb Fest 2014!

I chose very simple earrings for this pretty basic outfit:

 photo PSX_20141201_002940_zpsybnfnopq.jpg

And I'm throwing up this shot, taken on my way home, because I thought it turned out kind of neat. And I love the embroidery on this thermal top:

 photo PSX_20141201_004445_zpsfhxsgukm.jpg

It cracks me up that the spots on this rest stop mirror look like snow!

Bootcut jeans: Jacklyn Smith "Angel Cut" from Kmart
Black top: via Wal-Mart
Bamboo belt: via Boscov's
Sneakers: Saucony via Facebook "garage sale" group
Twist hoop earrings: Premier Designs
Burgundy top: Dress Barn Woman via Goodwill

You can't really see the blue top and accessories through the blurriness, so I will save that for another day.

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  1. Very cute belt! Very Gucci those days when they went all bamboo. Definitely a keeper, perfect for adding a bit of oomph to some plain outfit :)