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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy, busy couple of days....

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but the outfit was a repeat anyway (with different earrings), and I was super-busy at work running around to several courts. Then I went to the Junior League holiday party afterward... I had absolutely no time to get a good photo of my outfit anyway. Or to even think, I swear!

I was too busy, at least during the first part of the party, ducking the bat flying around the room. As was everyone else, which is why I didn't get any photos of me in the gorgeous library with carved wooden medieval-style rafters the event was held in.

More mania today with lots of different types of court appearances, and hardly time to jam a quick lunch down my gullet.... I didn't even have time to get my pic taken during the day.

Wow- remind me to never buy a linen jacket again- I hate how the sleeves crumple like that.

I got Hubby to take this photo after, on top of my hectic day at work, I went to a another public "happy hour" event at a local museum. Met up with a few ladies from my group, sipped a little wine, and looked at all the pretties while listening to the bands.

Hmm... the v-neck collar doesn't hang as flat when I have the sweater over it. But I got a compliment on the outfit today from one of the baliffs, so it's not a complete disaster. And I had an excuse to wear my lunar globes:


Then I went to two stores looking for something Hubby requested, with no luck. Argh! Sofa-time now!

Top: VanHusen outlet
Sweater: Worthington via consignment shop
Jacket: Kasper via consignment shop
Pants: where else? Lane Bryant
Earrings: Corning Museum of Glass gift shop

That reminds me... I had a pretty busy Saturday too, and forgot to post. With the exception of changing out work pants for my ugly jeans, it's a repeat .

I dropped off my donations at the Junior League consignment store, then went to a jewelry party where almost everyone was Russian. I haven't heard that much Russian spoken since university! There was some sort of cabbage-and-egg pie involved... much of which went into me, as it was truly spectacular!

I topped the evening off by going out with a couple girlfriends- there was some boogieing involved.


  1. That shade of green is stunning on you! Really, really beautiful.

  2. love the earrings and the whole outfit.
    russian cabbage pie? yum! i love russian cabbage and potato perogies. have you had borsch? i'm not sure why americans are so hateful to cabbage and beets. if you know how to cook them - they are delish and healthy!

  3. Haven't had borscht, but there was some other beet dish there I didn't care for.