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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

December "Do-overs" and time to get wise

So the theme for this New Year's batch of resolutions really seems to be about correcting mistakes...

Health-wise, it's about further rehabbing my injuries, shedding this excess weight I've gained over the last couple years or so, and likely having surgery on my feet to "correct" the heel spurs that are the current bane of my existence.

Personal-wise, I need to stay in better contact with my friends in my hometown. I've always been a cruddy correspondent, and Facebook is probably what's holding some of my relationships together. I really need to pick up the phone more! I also need to make more effort to hang out with people here regularly.

Fashion-wise, I will start by redoing some of the blog outfits that were't quite right, and continue on my quest to look like one of those sharp women I admire.

I'm seeing a theme here... guess I'd better get "wise"!

Obviously, I'm going to try to redo styling the weird red blouse. I'm really questioning whether I will be able to do any better next time. But at least I have lots of great suggestions to play with. I'm girding myself for the challenge!

This should be pretty easy- I'll just switch out my cream sweater for the tight top.

The big issue with the outfit I wore to the office Christmas party is that the top is a smidge short. I'm not yet sure what I'm going to try to deal with that... so if you see it again I'll be just as surprised as you! I love the color combination, so I will either make it work or get something similar.

Sexay! *shudder*

I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to look good in this sweater. I'll try something with a straight hem underneath, and see if that helps.

I have to remember to STOP tying scarves like chokers on my throat- it's not as pretty in real life as it is in my head!


  1. Mine are the same, plus being wiser with my money! It's amazing how much I piss away....

  2. Our resolutions all seem to be the same: things we know we ought to do but have trouble actually doing. Good luck with yours.